NNPS Project Group 2019-20: “The Magic of Light”

North Norfolk Photography Society is running a one year project for people interested in developing their photography knowledge and skills.

For 2018-19, the overarching theme was “Coast”, and involved members of NNPS getting out into their local area, capturing a variety of pictures, taking advantage of local places and activities through changing seasons, light and conditions. An Audio Visual presentation of the Coast Project can be seen at the NNPS Annual exhibition (it will be shown at 11am and 2pm, St Andrews Church Hall, Holt, 23rd to 26th July 2019).

Members enjoyed the project, learned a lot, got to know each other (and in some cases their camera) better and were inspired by each other’s work. They have therefore decided to run a second project, for 2019-20, and have chosen “The Magic of Light” as the theme. The idea is to take pictures where the quality of the light is the most important aspect of the image, rather than the subject. The year long project will start from July 2019, with monthly feedback sessions being held at The Pheasant Hotel, Kelling, starting in September:

  •  3rd September 2019 7pm
  • 1st October 2019 7pm
  • 13th November 2019 7pm
  • 14th January 2019 7pm

Participation in the feedback sessions is £2 (to cover the cost of the room hire).